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History and Culture

Golden Island and Sivagiri Temple

Distance from Vishram Village: 5 km
Mode of Transport: Taxi
Time of the excursion: 10:30am - 4pm
Brief of excursion: Golden Island: Natural landscapes and history
Sivagiri temple: History and Culture
Season: Throughout the year

Golden Island is a natural reservoir and has a temple in it. Country boats take you through quaint tree-lined canal to the backwaters to reach The very scenic and placid location. Island is so quiet and divine; people believe that it has remained untouched by mankind for ages. The virgin beauty of the island has maintained a wonderful ecosystem which abodes immense varieties of flora and fauna. The calm and beauty of the place is pleasantly broken by the melodious sounds of nature like the rustling of palms, twittering of birds or gurgling of water. Meditate, take photos, absorbed the life on backwaters, is a serene experience.
The Sivagiri Temple is situated 3km on the hilltop of Varkala. It is dedicated to the Guru Sree Narayana. His philosophy of 'one caste, one religion and one God 'attracted large amount of followers among the lower castes. His followers are called the Ezhavas. He even installed idols in temples to prove that the authority to perform religious rites does not exclusively belong to the Hindus, specially the Brahmins. The Sivagiri atop Varkala hill has now become a place of pilgrimage.

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Leisure activities

Varkala cliff and beaches

Distance from Vishram Village: 6 km
Mode of Transport: Taxi or Rickshaw
Duration of the excursion: 09.30am - 4pm
Brief of the excursion: Relaxation, Leisure activities and Shopping
Season: All seasons

The setting of this Beach is striking enough to take your breath away, with a long winding stretch of cliff and views that extend over the Arabian Sea. A paved footpath runs along the length of the cliff, bordered by coconut palms, quaint shops, beach shacks, hotels, and guest houses. Nestled at the bottom of the cliff is a long stretch of sparkling beach, reached by steps leading down from the cliff top. The outside of restaurants are a pleasant rest place in a day of walk and bathing.

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Natural Landscapes

Boat ride in Hariarapuram Lake

Distance from Vishram Village: On the spot
Mode of Transport: Traditional Boat or Speed Boat
Duration of the excursion: Around 1 hour and a half
Brief of the excursion: Natural Landscapes and Discovery of the Ecosystem
Season: Throughout the year

The boat ride from Vishram Village on the banks of ‘Hariharapuram Lake’ is delightful to the eyes and mind. Welcoming you to a world that would make you want to treasure each moment in life. Here the birds and the trees and even the tiny blades of grass inspire you to indulge in absolutely nothing. Makings you pause for a moment to reflect on the beauty of life. The lake is connected to the sea and that’s the reason water is salted which confers the purity of the place. You can see the amazing flora and fauna along the backwaters. Red kite follow the boat, we go along the camp of elephants where we can observe them while sailing. A coconut plantation stretch as far as the eye could see. This excursion is in a spirit of go off to explore the discovery and of the observation but it is also a moment of pure relaxation. Everything is quiet and the life of the edge of banks follows a very serene rhythm.

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History and culture

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Distance from Vishram Village: : 100 km
Mode of Transport: Taxi
Duration of the excursion: Full day
Brief of the excursion: History and culture
Season: Throughout the year
Guide: French or English, Russian maybe available

The Padmanabhapuram palace was built in 1601 it is one of the most magnificent monuments of Tamil Nadu. Situated at the foot of the hills of Veli, the palace is a perfect example of the traditional architecture of Kerala. Mantrasala (Room of the council), is the place which king used to hold consultations with his Ministers. It is a magnificent structure, decorated windows of mica and the most delightful garden. The palace consists of several buildings. An inner courtyard, called "Nalukettu», with sloping roofs and four pillars that supports it. Ekantha Mandapam (Chamber of the Solitude) is named like that because it is situated in the southwest corner) of the Palace. The room is decorated with elaborated sculptures, the most beautiful of which consist of floral motives. Nataksala (Temple of the performance) is the place where spectacles of dance took place. The hall was built under the aegis of the Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, the sovereign of formerly of Travancore.

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