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Welcome to Vishram Village
Your home away from home, in its truest sense

The fast-chasing and rapidly evolving corporate culture has been an integral part of our life. As much as we enjoy hustling, there is always stress that lingers on it. This has made us lose and miss out on the luxury of time. Hustling has added generous amounts of stress to our lives, unknowingly. We simply do not have the time to disconnect with everything else around us and connect with our real selves. A breather is missing. If you can relate and resonate to this, then Vishram Village is YOUR place to be at.

Fully equipped with exceptional accommodation arrangements, a wellness space for various aromatherapies, yoga sessions and stress management techniques, views you cannot get enough of and home-fresh food that not only fills the stomach but also satiates your soul - a stay at Vishram Village is wholesome in every way possible.

Spread on two and a half acres of a lake-facing land, Vishram Village is an ecosystem in itself.


Why to choose Vishram Village?

A vacation that refreshes and rejuvenates using age old yoga and ayurvedic techniques. A holiday home that nestles in the quaint, unexplored alleys of God’s own country. Gracefully touched by Lake Varkala and topped by the breathtaking views of the Kapil Beach. A retreat nowhere else to be found, experienced or lived but only at Vishram Village.

The current lifestyle of the human race comprises alarm clocks, hurried/no breakfast, the classic hubbub of a typical city life, lunch with our laptop screens, deadlines, more deadlines, the classic hubbub of a typical city life (part two), dinner with our phone screens that we later take to our beds, goodnight (well, somewhat) and then, repeat. How is stress not inevitable? Fortunately enough, life is not THIS.

Then, what is life? It’s sunsets by the beach, sunrises by the lake, an opportunity to pause, reflect and manifest, a chance to sit and indulge in the art of doing nothing, the time to take care of and enhance our mental, physical and emotional well-being and of course, vacation merrily with our loved ones.

This is where and why Vishram Village comes in. To help you disconnect with all that’s unnecessary to your life - for eg. stress. To offer to you the place, time and the chance to reconnect with what truly matters and makes a difference. To help you find yourself as you spearhead through the city chaos and practice the art of unlearning and relearning. To help you relax and rediscover your genuine self.

Our Ideation

Managing water and recycling

Water comes from an underground collection and we use automation, in order to limit the loss of water. We have recycled most of our construction waste and we recycle all plastic, glasses, cardboard items and packaging, which in India is a challenge.

Our park is designed for the use and pleasure of our guests but we spend a third of the surface to a mastered biotope called the Tropical Garden where a wide variety of trees can be found like banana, pineapple, tropical plants, coconut trees, and sometimes papaya and pepper With 89 coconut trees on site producing more than 2000 coconuts a year, thirty banana trees and Ayurvedic plants.


Set on a tranquil landscape amidst coconut palms, we envisioned vishram village as a place of cultural exchange with its aesthetically built houses atop a hill, with meeting points like: the main square of a village, a restaurant near the well, by the lake and an environment to simply be in harmony with nature. The setting of vishram village facilitates a conducive environment for Ayurvedic treatment and practicing yoga.

At Vishram village we have tried to infuse local tradition and culture. During the construction, we had chosen to promote local craftsmen and workers for the wood and stone craft. We encourage the harvesting of forage, the collection of cooking wood.(vegetables, waste of coconut trees)

We also use locally available resources for the maintenance and supply of the hotel.

Our Ideation

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