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Welcome to Vishram Village

Your home away from home, in its truest sense


Your true space of relaxation and comfort.

A vacation that refreshes and rejuvenates using age old yoga and ayurvedic techniques. A holiday home that nestles in the quaint, unexplored alleys of God’s own country. Gracefully touched by Lake Varkala and topped by the breathtaking views of the Kapil Beach. A retreat nowhere else to be found, experienced or lived but only at Vishram Village.

Fully equipped with exceptional accommodation arrangements, a wellness space for various aromatherapies, yoga sessions and stress management techniques, views you cannot get enough of and home-fresh food that not only fills the stomach but also satiates your soul - a stay at Vishram Village is wholesome in every way possible.

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Services & Packages

An array of various services and facilities are laid out for our prestigious guests.

Service Areas

Ayurvedic Treatment









Our packages are intended for Ayurveda and Aromatherapy cure. It’s alternated with yoga practices, relaxation courses and energy harmonization training in a natural environment favourable to the practice of detachment and serenity.

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Looking for a holistic relaxing and rejuvenating ayurvedic retreat ?

Nested in the hollow of a hill surrounded by coconut palms at the edge of a salty lake Vishram Village is the one for you. Book Now.

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Feel free to contact us for more details. You can contact us by phone or by mailing us.